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Animation in Website Designing

Animation has eventually become a useful website designing tool and web animations are saved as GIF, CSS, SVG or video. Moderation is the key to animation design and simple animations are always interesting. Realism makes animation in website designing trendy and simple animation will make huge impact on website designing. Simplicity and usability are the two essential traits of animation in website designing. Animations in web design don’t bog down websites or web servers and large animations will often be in the form of videos. Animation serves its real purpose of being a focal point of website design and small animations contribute to the aesthetic quality of a website.
Animation is not intended for every website project and the primary objective of animation is usability. Animations will adorn the look and feel of a typical website in an enchanting fashion. Animation has evolved significantly with the advent of faster broadband connections, improved bandwidth and better web browsers. Animations serve as the load bearing pillar of website designing of contemporary age. Animation plays a pivotal role in interaction design and the first and foremost objective of animation is to grab visitor attention. Animations can be effectively used to build a visual hierarchy and it is perfect for new notifications and new features.

Animation can convey image more effectively than words or static images. Transitional animations have become a great hit among website designers and transitions can be implemented using HTML and CSS. Altering speed, squashing, and graphic effects are the traditional principles of animation. A funny animation incorporated in website design makes the web visitor entertained and it is impossible to think about scrolling without animation. Animation helps to make smooth and seamless scrolls in an innovative manner. The CSS snippets of duration, phases, delays, number of repetitions and speed curve can be used to define the animation.

The basic objective of animation in website design is to delight customers and it features enjoyable surprise for the web visitor. Animation brings practical benefits to design and animation elements in website design influences the user perception. Flat designs, portfolios, and one page sites make use of animation techniques. Animation makes an elegant first impression and animation should match the style of the website. Animation is essential for visually connecting two elements in website design and creative website designers use sliders to make the animation splendidly versatile. Hover animations are perfect for conveying interactive elements in a website and they are intuitive.

Animated galleries as well as slideshows feature multiple images without distracting the attention of website visitor. Galleries mimic the real life effect of photo album and animation has streamlined innovation in website designing. Animation is definitely a great way to add forms, call to action buttons and menu items in a website. Stylish animations enchant first time users and the success of effective navigation depends on the functionality of animation. Animated background adds vibrancy to a website and incorporating too much animation in a website is not recommended. Interactivity is the lifeblood of animation and animation can be used to add visual interest in a manner which was not imagined before.


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