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The age old adage “first impression is the best impression” is applicable to B2B website designing too and it should necessarily create an everlasting first impression. Website designers should understand that the objective of a B2B website is crafting a relationship with the buyer. Different things like contact information, brand value and resources are quite important in a B2B site. B2B website should highlight Call to action, contact information and educational/entertainment resources. A B2B website design should feature professional tone as well as appearance. B2B websites offer more creative freedom for website designers since they are becoming more casual as days pass by.

The language, image quality and website organization in a B2B website should look absolutely professional. It is a well known fact that simple navigation is the preliminary feature of any website and B2B sites too are not an exception to this criterion. The navigation menus in a B2B website should include Call to action, product selling, and unique selling proposition of the product. B2B website designers should remove every element from the site that distracts visitor attention and super quality product image is the recommended feature for all B2B websites in the planet.

Website designers should pay special attention to featuring high quality product images in their website for better sales conversion. Clear language is another component of a successful B2B website design and it is an innovative idea to equip the B2B site with educational resources. Blogs, whitepapers, case studies as well as webinars can be used as a learning resource in B2B sites.

Visible Call to Action: Principal Component of B2B Site

  • An effective B2B website should feature a visible Call to Action(CTA) button
  • The goals of website should be considered before designing Call to Action
  • Website designers should think of the target audience while designing a colourful B2B site
  • Designing a fantastic B2B website is important as search engines, buyers and the internet have evolved dynamically
  • According to leading website designers, effective B2B website design is something more than mere visual appearance and aesthetic glory
  • Effective B2B design of contemporary age encompasses site structure, search engine optimization, layout as well as content quality
  • “Attract, engage and convert” is the much publicized motto of B2B websites of today
  • An effective Business to Business website is one that generates leads for business constantly
  • The B2B website needs to be discoverable in online business and positive user experience differentiates B2B websites from other types of websites

All B2B websites will have to follow a buyer centric approach in the current era of internet revolution. Websites owners should ensure that they have Google Analytics running on their site and they can identify pages with high and low traffic using the amazing Google Analytics. Typical problems encountered in business to business portals include inaccurate sitemaps and crawl errors. It is recommended to create Hotjar account on the website for visitor recordings and having a clear value proposition is an unavoidable element of B2B website design. Did I forget to mention about the importance of keyword strategy, sitemap navigation and the look and feel of home page in B2B website design?

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