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Benefits of Mobile Website Design

Having a website optimized for mobile is extremely important in contemporary online business landscape. Mobile friendly algorithm of Google boosts mobile search ranking for websites and many companies have reported that 55% of their traffic came from mobile devices. The mobile friendliness of a website can be checked using Google Webmaster tools. Mobile websites need to deliver information in a manner which is entirely different from displaying on desktop. The most important benefits of mobile website design are improved user experience, increased average time, faster load speed, improved SEO, and advantage over competitors. A website not optimized for mobile will render slowly on the device and mobile optimized website will load faster.

Sites should rank well in Google mobile searches too and beautifully optimized mobile website helps to gain competitive edge in the business. Mobile websites are important if a business needs to acquire customers and increase sales. More and more website owners are pursuing mobile friendly responsive websites. It has been reported that mobile optimized websites improve user experience and satisfaction. Mobile optimized websites are designed for mobile standards and optimal download speed. Users can engage with mobile specific features in a mobile website such as click to call as well as mapping.

Having a mobile website is important for local businesses and mobile website allows placement in growing number of mobile as well as local directories. Mobile website helps an organization to stand out from the rest and it depicts a brand identity for the organization. Mobile optimized website makes an elegant sales statement on its own and constant connectivity makes mobile websites highly preferred among users. Integration with offline media in the form of QR codes is another prominent attraction of mobile website. QR codes get translated into electronic messages such as website address, email address and SMS.

Advertisements, posters and billboards containing QR codes will direct users to mobile landing page. Mobile websites feature more interactivity when compared with non mobile optimized websites. The integration of print via mobile has paved the way towards new era of innovation in digital marketing. It has been found that mobile optimized websites are cost effective when compared to app development. A mobile website is universal to all smartphone browsers and it is more flexible than an app. Mobile optimized website is suited for a comprehensive mobile presence in the digital landscape.

Mobile advertisement is growing at a blitzkrieg pace and it offers innumerable opportunities for reaching the target audience. Advertisements in mobile websites lead to mobile optimized landing pages and optimal results and maximum Return on Investment are the cherished attractions of mobile website design. The mobile web has become a real concept and it is expected that mobile devices will outnumber PCs as the most common web access device. Businesses all over the world are pursuing all possible avenues in mobile website design and reap rich benefits through them. A website optimized for mobile is a utensil which delivers information effectively and mobile website delivers information very fast. The best approach in website designing of 2018 is to create a dedicated mobile site.


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