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Ecommerce Website Designing

Designing ecommerce website is simple from an Information Architecture viewpoint and ecommerce website designing is not different from designing other types of website. Sales funnel, home page, and checkout page deserve special attention while designing ecommerce website. According to experienced internet marketers, simplicity and ease of use are the primary features of an ecommerce site. The things to be kept in mind while designing an ecommerce site depend on the company, type of site and products sold. An ecommerce site should provide big images of products and social media sharing functions form an integral component of ecommerce website design.

Mobile usability should be kept in mind while designing an electronic commerce site and ecommerce site should provide simple checkout option. The sales funnel is a crucial design consideration for ecommerce website and it usually consists of home page, search results page and checkout page. The “call to action” button is a vital design element in any ecommerce site and ecommerce sites need filtering options too. It should be easy to find products in an ecommerce site and an ideal ecommerce site should provide an exceptional user experience. Ecommerce sites are equipped with easy to use navigation menus, excellent functionality and clear product labeling.

Intuitive search functionality is the basic characteristic of ecommerce website and the products in an ecommerce site should be showcased on an individual page. Product pages of an ecommerce site should contain description, main features of the product, price and as much information about the product. Ecommerce sites are equipped with the opportunity to buy multiple items and it is essential to add a cart feature in ecommerce sites. A nicely designed website contributes significantly to the online business success and the essential features of an ecommerce site are “About us” page, “Contact Us” page, blog and home page.

Ecommerce website design involves something more than a site looks and information overload is the mistake found in most ecommerce sites. Great design reflects value in an ecommerce business and the designers of an ecommerce site should think of the target demographics before designing an ecommerce site. Website designers should implement the best User Experience practices in their task and ecommerce site design should depict brand messaging. Website design can make or break an ecommerce business and an ideal ecommerce design should lure the customer within seconds. It is often pointed out that an ecommerce site should be concise, well designed, clear and clutter free.

One of the keys to a good ecommerce web design is understanding the audience and ecommerce entrepreneurs should have a realistic budget in mind before hiring website designer. Shopify features free ecommerce website designing resources like logo generator and DIY guide to product photography. Most website designers make the logo of ecommerce website with Adobe Illustrator and graphics for ecommerce site can be bought from ‘Creative Market’. According to entrepreneurs who have made a killing on ecommerce, there is a direct connection between ecommerce website design and conversion rates. The websites of major ecommerce bigwigs are fairly simple sites powered by easy navigation elements. Great ecommerce website design offers a competitive advantage and successful ecommerce sites are blessed with well styled photography.


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