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Flat Website Design

Flat website design is the hottest trend in website designing arena of contemporary age. It has become a buzzword in the website designing industry just like ‘minimalism’ and ‘responsive web design”. More and more companies are switching on to flat website design following the footprints of multinational tycoons. Although flat website design has been there for many years, 2013 is considered as a ‘breakthrough’ year for flat website design. The best advantage of flat website design is that it avoids big buttons with gradients and the so called “call to action” commands.

The whole concept of flat website design is that it is geared towards simplicity, user experience as well as minimalism. Flat design rules the web designing landscape of today and the key focus of flat design is usability. The best known feature of flat design is that it is clean and there will be no fancy elements to distract the web users. Flat website design focuses on eliminating unnecessary components in website designing. Colour choice plays a crucial role in flat design just like its counterparts and bright colours in flat design make an elegant design statement on its own.  The structure of flat design is based on grid pattern and 2D image forms the crux of flat website designing.

The widespread usage of icons make flat design websites elements of visual euphoria and the role played by flat website design in making sites attractive is huge. Well designed typography is a graceful attraction of flat design and they are featured with clear spacing. Font faces used in flat website design are clean and neat with huge size. The typography in a flat website design should offer readers an effortless and seamless reading experience. Simplicity is the most talked about feature of flat website design and tinsel colours should be used to design a flat website.

Although bright colours are stupendously splendid, there is no requirement that they should be used in flat design. Some of the top rated flat website designs are adorned with black and white or plain colours. The basic concept of flat website designing is to give the user a nice visual experience coupled with the incandescent brightness of colours. Some of the successful flat website designs make use of ‘sans serif’ font and clear appearance is the most anticipated feature of flat website design. The links and button used in a flat website should be distinct and flat design has eventually become the website designing trend of 2018.

Flat design is totally based on two dimensional visual aesthetics and the buttons in flat design won’t look like being made of 3D. “Simple layout with simple graphics” is the motto of flat website design which helps it to scale new heights of popularity. Why flat website design is popular among users and website designers alike? Flat website designs load very quickly when compared with website designs packed with graphics and rich media. It is quite easy to adjust flat design to the screen sizes and flat design is the best method to insert web browsing tools in the website. Website designers all over the world have fallen in love with flat website design since it is extremely user friendly.


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