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Frequently Asked Questions about Website Design

The cost of website designing is dependent upon various factors and the cost of business sites start from $5000 in USA. Website designing cost includes website building, website maintenance as well as marketing. The typical rate of a 20 page website equipped with stock photos starts from $2000 and the cost of the website of a medium sized business starts from $10000. The cost of designing an ecommerce website ranges from $5000 to $40000 and it includes the integration of a payment gateway too. The cost of ecommerce website design is inclusive of the cost of imagery, copywriting and Content Management System.

How long does to take to build a website?

According to the opinion of ace web designers, most website development projects take three to four months in order to get completed. The timeframe for completing website building is dependent upon several factors such as complexity of the project and number of people involved. Big website designing project may take up to six months and completing a website designing project in less time is not at all recommended. It is impossible to define a fixed timeframe for website designing and the timeframe will increase depending upon the number of value added features.

Which Platform is used to Build Websites?

There are lots of website designing platforms including WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, and Go Daddy Website Builder. Almost all website builders feature drag and drop interface and WordPress is undoubtedly the most popular website building platform. 28% of the all the websites are powered by the one and only WordPress and it has two versions: the self hosted WordPress.org and WordPress.com. Wix is a renowned cloud based website builder and intuitive drag and drop website builder is the cherished attraction of Wix.

What are the latest trends in website designing?

Some of the latest trends in website designing are drop shadows, particle backgrounds, custom illustrations, bold typography, grid layout as well as integrated animation. Today’s web design witnesses some fantastic varieties of drop shadows and parallax layout is the latest trend in drop shadows. Vibrant colour schemes will rule the website designing landscape in the year 2018 and shadow play effect will enhance user experience. Website designers of today are experimenting with a lovely combination of super saturation and vibrant shades. Technological advancements in the web designing industry are suitable for creating elegant colour schemes.

Particle backgrounds are considered as an effective solution to performance issues and it is a lightweight variety of JavaScript. The well known saying, “Images says more than thousand words” is applicable to website designing too. Mobile website design has matured a lot and the website designing arena of 2018 will be of custom illustrations. Big as well as bold typography is another recent trend in the website designing world and it will function as a powerful visual utensil. Website designers see dramatic increase in the usage of custom fonts in the year 2018 and majority of the web browsers can support handmade typefaces supporting CSS. Large headers will be the most anticipated trend in website designing of 2018 and asymmetric layout is another prominent web design trend of the contemporary era.


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