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Graphic Design Elements in Website Designing

The different areas of web design are web graphic design, interface design, user experience design and SEO. Graphic design is defined as the visual communication using typography, illustration and photography. Graphic designers are maestros in creating visual representation of ideas and the tools used by graphic designers are typography, visual arts as well as page layout. The colour mode of graphic design and web design are absolutely different. Graphic design makes use of CMYK colour mode where as web design uses RGB. API based on HTML5 enables the use of personalized fonts and it illuminates the user experience.

Graphic design is recommended for product websites and there is no need to worry about the final effect in graphic design. The graphic design uses the physical sizes of inches and centimeters while web design uses pixels. The presentation style in graphic design is static and the presentation style in web design is dynamic. Visual focus of graphic design is more intuitive and the web design visual focus is limited by the screen. Graphic design rocketed into prominence as a traditional information media design and the different kinds of photo captions available in web design are simple, minimalist and business style.

Sans serif is the most common font used in website designing and image captions are often seen in portfolio websites of skilled designers. Some prominent websites use a cross over image caption and breadcrumb navigation can enhance the way users browse the web. Graphic design falls under the category of “arts and design” and web design falls under the category of “Information Technology”. Graphic designers are often assigned with the task of advertising and promotion and they ensure that each product has great look. Graphic designers are involved in the graphic side of a project and web designers are responsible for the technical and behind the scene aspects of a website.

Graphic designer is responsible for visual concepts 

Web designer is responsible for technical aspects of the website

Both graphic design and web design serve their own purpose and the most common use of graphic design is in the print industry. Digital graphics can be turned into brochures, posters as well as exotic marketing materials. The graphics created by graphic designers are made for print work and website. Web designers will have to take into account different things like file size, screen resolution, overall speed and performance.

The major difference between web design and graphic design is in the medium. Typical graphic designers are not restricted by factors like programming, speed and resolution. The role played by both web designers and graphic designers in creating aesthetic website is huge. The work areas of a graphic designer include websites, mobile apps, and product packaging. Top rated graphic designers of contemporary age are skilled in programming and web development. The different graphic design output includes logos, web user interfaces, sketches, typefaces, animated characters, advertisements and newspaper headlines. Although website designing includes graphic design, the output will get consumed through visual medium. The designing of website includes different components such as copywriting, on-page SEO, link building, social media promotion, and navigation design.


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