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Methodology Followed by Website Design Company

The methodology followed by website design company includes  requirement analysis, digital strategy  formulation, conceptualization of the web page, web development, evaluation, data migration, pre-deployment, search engine indexing, SEO and SEM. The entire website designing methodology utilizes the maximum advantage of internet technology. The website design methodology ensures that the final product is of top standard and requirement analysis is the preliminary step of website designing methodology. Requirement analysis involves information about website visitors, purpose of website, preliminary goal of the website and website statistics. The requirement analysis consists of collecting data about page views, average visitor time and landing pages.

Website designing companies let website to undergo a comprehensive search engine analysis and an ideal website designing company should be equipped with the latest technology and components. Website designing companies analyze the primary and secondary keywords during the digital strategy formulation phase. Primary and secondary keywords are used throughout the entire web development lifecycle and web page conceptualization is a key phase of website designing. Website designers should ensure that websites designed by them should attract and enhance the user experience by all means. The marketing and communication strategy of a company should be incorporated into website designing right from the first day onwards.

The phase of web development includes HTML development as well as CSS configuration and HTML is prepared according to the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) guidelines. Migration from current website to new website is often done manually and the content is placed according to the navigation menu. Many website designing companies submit their website to at least eight search engines and web directories. An ideal website should be search engine friendly at the time of deployment and it will take at least three months to see the effect of search engine optimization strategies.

Excellent front end and easy to use functionalities form an integral component of website designing methodology. Website development methodology is a combined effort of website designers, content developers, User Interface Designers as well as web developers. A professionally designed website needs analysis, planning, graphics and latest web development technology. The initial phase of website design is called as origination and it includes knowing the company’s business objectives, target audience and potential visitors. Web designing and development is the second phase of website designing methodology and sitemap creation is the important step involved in web designing. Website designing methodology addresses usability standards and the final product of website design is elegant website blueprint.

Building site navigation architecture, graphics and text are the three steps involved in the implementation phase. Website testing phase begins after the layout and site architecture begins after the creation phase is completed. Publishing is the final phase of website development methodology and the website development methodology applies to all projects irrespective of size and budget limit. The web development phase ends with exceeding the expectations of the user or the client about their website. Web design methodology can be referred as the combination of “discover, design, deploy and monitor’. Website owners should ask themselves the question of “is the site a tool for generating business?” before starting the website designing methodology.


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