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Prerequisites of a Website Designer

It is a well known fact that web designers use their technical skills to create new websites and redesign existing ones. An ideal website designer will be skilled in user experience, search engine optimization, HTML, CSS, Photoshop as well as Illustrator. It is pointed out that photo editing and copywriting skills are two essential traits of a website designing expert. Strong creative skill is an essential prerequisite to become a rock star website designer of today. Good problem solving skills are needed to emerge victorious as a splendid website designing maestro. Preparation of design plan is the preliminary duty of a website designer and page layout is another area of expertise for the web designer.
A website designer is equipped with the primary responsibility of adding multimedia features like sound, video, and animation. Testing and improving the site design is another key responsibility of a typical website designer. A website designer will need to work closely with web developers and internet marketing professionals. Freelance website designers set their own rates and many skilled website designers move to design team management. Website designers of today will have to function as web content manager, animator, computer game developer, and elearning developer.
Prospective website designers should keep in mind that website designing is an art and science that needs to be mastered diligently. Website designing aficionados should have solid expertise in all areas of coding as well as web designing. There is no substitute for work experience in website designing and good academic record helps tremendously in website designing career. Website designers should have a crystal clear idea of colour patterns and flow in web design including depth, colour as well as hierarchy. Visual stability and equilibrium are absolutely important in website designing and ace website designers understand the importance of proper spacing in web designing.
A website designer should know at least the basics of HTML and a designer blessed with copywriting skills is a boon for any company. Website designers should commit to constant learning from time to time and they should have a clear idea of emerging trends in website designing. Constant determination and self improvement are the two necessary traits required to succeed as a website designer. An effective website designer should be an all rounder and the job responsibilities of graphic designers are entirely different from that of web designer. It is to be kept in mind that graphic design is a part of web design and website designers should be knowledgeable about scripting languages, modules and CGI.
Website designers should have familiarity with the prototyping tools of Axure, Mockplus as well as Invision. A website designer should have brilliant aesthetic sense in order to churn out captivating designs and graphics. Web designers are employed in IT consultancies, web design agencies and marketing departments of business houses. Bachelor’s degree in website designing includes the syllabus of visual communication, digital arts, multimedia production, web publishing, as well as usability testing. Accreditation bodies like International Webmasters Association offer certification programs in website designing. Website designers of contemporary era should have solid knowledge in PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor Language) and MySQL.


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