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Primary Roles of Website Designer


Website designing, HTML coding, and management of online campaigns are the key responsibilities of a website designer. Website designers of today are assigned with the responsibilities of website maintenance, user experience design and SEO marketing. The fundamental role of a website designer is the development of layout and look of website. A website designer will have to ensure that website is user friendly and interactive. Website designers utilize Photoshop and Flash more than any other graphic design application. Website designing specialists of today get involved with the backend design of website and website designers should have a basic understanding of programming languages.

Other job responsibilities of website designers include coding, identifying technical problems, uploading the site on server and carrying out search engine submissions. Website designing experts should have a basic understanding of on page Search Engine Optimization techniques. SEO tactics should be incorporated in the web design strategy right from the first day onwards and the list of necessary skills needed to emerge as a rock star website designer include planning, communication, organization and analytical skills. The first responsibility of a web designer is to ensure that website created by him is appealing to the audience.

Website designers of today will have to broaden their skill set to survive in the job market and they will have to employ the latest user experience design techniques. Web designers should suggest placement options for websites that will maximize their goals like clicks or purchases. As search engine ranking is essential for all online businesses of today, website designers should have a crystal clear idea about HTML. The distinction in the job responsibilities of website designer and website developer has got minimized in the contemporary era. More and more website designers are switching on to the learning process of programming languages used for web development.

Web developers of today will have to get involved in the front end design of a website and the key skills needed to become a web designer has become quite diversified now. Sound technical knowledge in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP will help website designers to climb ladders of success in their star studded career. Website designers wear many hats: employee in a company and independent contractor. Website designer is responsible for the look, layout and features of a website. Successful website designers are tech maestros skilled in graphic design as well as computer programming.

A website designer’s job includes maintaining all aspects of website creation including webpage layout design, creation of backup files and solving coding issues. A typical course in website designing covers topics such as basics of design imaging, animation, multimedia design, content management, video editing, and multimedia programming. Advanced course in website designing includes database management, web scripting, programming, multimedia development and web development. Website designing offers multifarious career avenues for website designers and they are master experts in combining colour and typography in an enchanting style. Website designing aficionados focus on creating company’s business, branding and logo. It is expected that website designers of today will have a working knowledge of web browsers, operating systems and web marketing.

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