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Search Engine Optimization and Website Design

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is of huge importance in website design and it needs to be built into the web designing process. According to seasoned website designers, Search Engine Optimization is an integral part of website designing. Website designers of today are assigned with the responsibility of creating SEO friendly website and they should ensure that search engines can easily crawl the website. Building a Search Engine Optimization friendly website needs careful approach and systematic plan. A website should be built on clear marketing plan and website designers should ensure that their domain name makes sense. The sub domains in a website should point to the site and it should redirect to single version of the site.

WP Engine is the recommended hosting provider for WordPress sites and the selection of Content Management System is very important in the SEO initiatives of a company. Another vital SEO tip is that images, video, content and PDF in a website should be easily discoverable. Website designers should follow a sensible URL naming convention and the navigation in a website is equally important just like site structure. The most common problems found in site content are flash files, Java Programs, video files, AJAX files, and frames. Sites optimized for search engines should focus on mobile design too and responsive design alone won’t be enough in the year 2018.

Website designers should chalk out a mobile website design strategy taking into account the needs of internet visitors. Website designing specialists should keep in mind that mobile friendliness is a ranking factor for mobile search. Website designers of today are skilled in optimizing the user experience for mobile users and page speed is a vital component of SEO. Google’s mobile friendly test can be the starting point of page speed testing and it features feedback on mobile friendliness and mobile speed. According to the opinion of ace website designers, web usability is a mixture of design, page speed as well as design conventions. The key usability factors from an SEO perspective are page layout, visual hierarchy, home page navigation, site search, and design. The typical content marketing funnel in a website should include blog posts, articles, guides, Frequently Asked Questions, and comprehensive tutorials. Other components of content marketing funnel in website should include case studies, product information, reviews, testimonial, and free trial. The content is the most important component of website designing from a SEO perspective and snippet is considered as a dominant tool to increase click through rate.

Rich snippets lead to increased customer engagement and image SEO will bring great amount of traffic to the website. Context within the site, page and optimization are crucial from the image optimization point of view.

Steps in Image Optimization

Give a name which describes what the image is

Use descriptive ALT text

Add Twitter card in order to enable social sharing

Optimize the file size of image

Add image to XML sitemap

The whole process of image optimization is relatively simple and web design and SEO work together just like two sides of the same coin. SEO principles add value to the process of website designing and navigation, linking and content are the three pillars of SEO.


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