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The Importance of Layout in Website Designing

Layout plays a major role in the marketing initiatives of a website and the colour schemes in a website should be carefully selected. The colour selection of background, highlight, text and banners play a key role in website design. The layout of a website should be designed keeping in mind the target audience and mixing different colours in website design is a good practice. The most important elements of website layout are photography, graphics, colour, white space and text. According to knowledgeable website designers, the design of the “above the fold” area in a website should be absolutely stunning.

The most important sections that attract layout in website design are logo, main page, navigation menu, search box as well as written content. Investing in website design will be a decision which will benefit in the long run and responsive design enables optimal viewing. Layout is undoubtedly one of the most important components of website designing and easy to follow navigation system is an essential component of almost all website designs. An effective layout provides accessibility and graceful design layout will make the website visitor happy. A nice layout will prompt visitors to view more pages on the website and the layout contributes significantly to the success saga of the website.

Layout, design and user experience are the major three factors which will make or break a website. A website with responsive design is important as more and more people are switching on to Smartphones. Responsive design provides an unparalleled user experience and it improves site rankings and decrease bounce rates. Sketching the layout is the preliminary step of website designing and content and image should be properly placed in a design layout. Typography is an important aspect of website design and the typography in a website should be bolded.

It is always better to choose one type font for the entire website and typography affects visual appeal. Colours add life to a website design layout and smart website designers experiment with colours taken from the logo. The colour of the website layout should be eye catching, versatile, splendid as well as dazzling beyond any doubt of dispute. The selection of images in a website is very crucial and iStockphoto is the best resource for finding royalty free images. Web designers pursue all possible avenues to bring something innovative and fresh in layout design. Website designers should ensure that their PSD (Photoshop Document) files are crystal clean and it is easy to export PSD into different file formats.

Experienced website designers advise that we should minimize the use of images, JavaScript and Flash in website design. It is necessary to divide the website layout and right spacing should be given between the sections. Using only high resolution images in a website is recommended since bad quality images will drive away visitors. The website should be created with the highest resolution possible and the website layout should be compatible with every screen. Beautiful images, high quality content, super theme and picturesque colour combinations punctuate the websites of leading businesses in the world countries.


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