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The Importance of User Experience in Website Design


User experience acts as the ergonomics of a website and a website designed on the principles of user experience creates an easy space for user to access the portal. Majority of the internet citizens read a User Experience Optimized website and it has been pointed out that majority of web visitors exit websites that load slowly. Selecting a popular colour for website alone can bring good Return on Investment and the websites of contemporary age should be mobile optimized. An ideal website of today should enhance user experience and designing a UX centered website needs great amount of planning.

An ideal website design should include basic principles of visual hierarchy and it is to be kept in mind that a good website is a website which can be easily navigated. Not having a website optimized for mobile devices will decrease the chances of online business success. A website should meet the basic needs of user and a website which works for one company may not work for another company. Professional website designers give huge importance to user experience and creativity and planning help website designers to create user experience centered design. Website designers should have a basic idea of how internet visitors use websites and creating user friendly websites has been in the web designing world for a very long time.

User experience in a website is closely interwoven with design, usability, marketing, accessibility as well as information architecture. The user experience in website design refers to all features of the end user’s interaction. Understanding of audience is the most basic component of user experience in website designing and web designers should take into account the business objectives while conceptualizing a user experience oriented design. The four major principles of user experience are value, adoptability, usability as well as desirability.

An ideal website should satisfy the needs of customers and it should provide value to the customer. Usability issues affect user experience in web design in a negative manner and it refers to the simple idea of using products without the feeling that it is frustrating. Adoptability ensures that the content in a website should be accessed by new and returning users alike. Website owners should ensure that they are providing easy access to product or content.  Innovative design and visual attraction are the most noticeable aspects of user experience in website design.

An aesthetic web design creates an everlasting impression and elegant design lacking usability is absolutely worthless. A desirable web product should engage their users in a seamless fashion and good user experience adds glory to the credibility of an online business. Effective user experience practices will produce good return on investment and it offers a strong foundation for the business house. According to the opinion of ace web designers, the impact of user experience in website design and website development is enormous. User experience in website design is often an expansive idea and it refers to the sequences of actions in pursuit of achieving a business objective. Web designers combine usability, functionality and performance in the conceptualization of user experience in website designing.


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