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Trends in Ecommerce Website Designing

Mobile friendly design is the recent trend in ecommerce website designing and modern day ecommerce sites are designed keeping in mind smooth user experience. Ecommerce companies are pursuing all possible avenues to make their web browser based offering mobile friendly. There is a lot of room for innovation in ecommerce website designing and innumerable ecommerce sites are following material design. Ecommerce sites that handle loading time effectively are highly popular among online shopping fans. Hamburger menus have become common in ecommerce sites of today and they can be identified by three horizontal layers. The best feature of hamburger menus is that they are simple, efficient as well as convenient from the perspective of the website visitor.

Animated GIFs have become common in ecommerce websites and grids have become the most prominent element of ecommerce websites. Grid layout has replaced borders in many ecommerce sites and material design is one of the most prominent ecommerce trends of 2018. Animations form an integral component of ecommerce website designing and user friendly browsing experience is the cherished attraction of ecommerce websites.  Material design in ecommerce website design let the users view the icon in a specific manner. Depth and shadow are the pivotal components of ecommerce website designing and card like layout has become common in ecommerce website designing.

Card layout helps an ecommerce website to offer an extended user experience and it is recommended for short pieces of text. The card layout offers product information in a novel way and it ensures that information in an ecommerce site is delivered within seconds. Ecommerce websites of today are responsive and responsive website ensures that ecommerce site is accessible through any device. The “call to action” button in an ecommerce site will be like “buy now”, “download free”, and “Add to Cart”. Rich motion animation is a key component of ecommerce sites of contemporary age and animation makes a typical ecommerce site more engaging.

Designs like icon rotation has become a very common utility in most ecommerce sites of contemporary age. Rich motion animation enriches the shopping experience in an ecommerce site and long scroll has already arrived in ecommerce website design. Extensive usage of Smartphones for shopping has made long scroll a big hit among online shoppers. Hover effect is another common trend in ecommerce website designing and it is well known for its effectiveness.

Another prominent trend in website designing is hero images and hero images compel users to spend few minutes on any website. Pop-ups play a major role in sprucing up the functionality of an ecommerce site and effective usage of pop-up will grab visitor attention in an ecommerce site. Efficient marketing techniques coupled with perfectly timed pop-ups will lead to better conversion rates in an ecommerce website.  The design of an ecommerce website is more about getting conversions and an ecommerce site should be as user oriented as possible. An ecommerce site should prioritize design elements and Shopify or Wix can be used to design a splendid ecommerce site. Using a third party software for ecommerce site is less expensive and the primary pages of an ecommerce site should be simple as well as clean.


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