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Website Design and Brand Building

The whole concept of branding applies to website design too and the choice of the colour palette is very important in branding. Colour in website designing is something more than mere aesthetics and the colour should be appropriate for the brand it represents. Teal is one of the most popular colours in website designing used for branding and emotion is another factor to check while designing website for brand building. Vibrant colours and beautiful imagery are two essential components of website design intended for brand building. It is quite important to maintain consistency throughout website design in the process of creating brand.

Consistent colours, typography and visuals are three necessary components of website design and brand building. Skype can be cited as a classic example of website design conceptualized for brand building and consistent layout is another basic component of website design for brand building. Apple has infused its brand into their elegant page design and logo should be ideally placed in the upper left area of the website. The logo image can be linked to the site’s home page in our pursuit of brand building using website designing. Logo in a website should be big enough to offer a seamless visual experience and an ideal website should provide clear value proposition to the visitor.

The value proposition in a website should be a short statement and value proposition can be placed in the header of the site. According to smart website designers, it is a good practice to place value proposition beneath the logo and navigation. Large size in a website offers better readability and the language used in a website should reinforce the brand character. It is important to adopt a voice tone that matches the target audience of the website and hand drawn illustrations are suited for the tech savvy millennial.

According to top notch web designing experts, simple, concise and formal tone is recommended for business portals. Uniqueness is one of the most important elements of brand building by website designing and some of the successful websites feature hand drawn fonts and cut out type illustrations. Building a brand through website designing is important for multinational companies, small businesses, blogs, personal websites and professional websites. Website designing is an excellent platform to build a brand and it paves the way towards powerful brand building. We should keep in mind that building a brand online is entirely different from traditional brand building.

Internet marketers combine offline and online marketing strategies for effective brand building. Just building a website doesn’t ensure success in online brand building and it is important to select a good brand name that stands out. Brand name is undoubtedly the most important business asset in the contemporary era and the logo should be easy to scale. The logo should be easily fit into web design and it will be easy to identify an elegantly designed logo. Social media pages including Facebook pages and Twitter handles are another great tool to website designing and brand building. Building hype about the brand is the first step of website designing for brand building and creating an awesome “coming soon” page is recommended for better brand building.


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