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Website Design Cost.


It is hard to judge how much will a website cost just by looking at the design and a website can’t be judged by its background colour or image. Some website builders offer advanced ecommerce features for $20 per month and no technical skill is needed to build DIY (Do It Yourself) website builders. The setup cost of a typical website starts from $160 and design part costs $5000 along with content development cost of $500. Average maintenance cost of a website is around $500 and the maintenance cost of a website builder will be around $60. The monthly plan of Wix website builder starts from $5 and the monthly cost of Weebly starts from $8. Squarespace website builder monthly plan starts from $12 and the cost of website designing is dependent upon time, knowledge, and technical skills. Setting up a WordPress website involves finding hosting service provider and website hosting charges start from $5 per month.

Three main types of website hosting are shared hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated hosting. The cost of shared hosting ranges from $5-$30 whereas the cost of VPS hosting ranges from $50-$250. An investment in website design will always pay off well and web design price cost is entirely scalable. The lowest web designing package refers to DIY methods like templates and working directly with a freelance website designer is another excellent option. The cost of a website designer is dependent on the skill level and freelance website designer is cheaper than agency.

A major website design cost consideration is the distinction between how a site looks and how it functions. The cost of website designing is dependent upon its functionality and web designing cost is the combined cost of user interface design, graphic design and user experience design. The typical costs of DIY using a template site ranges from $10-$300 and less options for customization is the minus point of DIY website builders.

The cost of website designing includes that of components, templates, add-ons and themes. DIY website builders are perfect for companies on a limited budget and hiring a designer within the budget is recommended. The level of quality demonstrated by a website design affects the price from start to finish and some companies hire designers to work on branding materials like flyers as well as logos. The cost of a freelance website designer in the United States of America ranges from $500-$5000.

An affordable professional website designer can create a functional and good looking website. The fees of a web developer based in USA ranges from $75-$300 per hour and some companies hire website developer turned website designers for medium price range. The cost of freelance website designer depends on the workload and freelance website designers are the best choice for majority of websites. The cost of working with a web design agency is from $3000 and they employ SEO specialist, website designer, developer, UX designer and content developer. Agencies are the best option for large companies from the cost viewpoint and hiring freelance website designer is cheaper when compared with hiring an agency. The size and complexity of the website determines the website designing cost up to a great extent.


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