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Elegant design and original content are the most sought after traits of a website of contemporary age. Functionality is another vital feature of every website and the home page of a website should be kept minimalistic. Home page of a website should be kept free of clutter and the ‘call to action’ in a website can be broken into large subheadings. High resolution images can be used to convey the business message of website and website designers should design website keeping in mind the visual hierarchy. The web designer’s job is to arrange the content of a website in a crystal clear manner and colour, sizing and contrast in website designing are absolutely important.

Strips are helpful in organizing content into clear content piece and website designers should create easy to read website content. Website designers should ensure that there is sufficient contrast between text and background. The colours used in a website design should be in accordance with the brand value and there is no need to sacrifice readability for creativity. The size of website text can be kept to 16 pt and Sans Serif is the recommended font for website text. It is not recommended to use more than three different typefaces throughout a website and the overall selection of font sizes should match well.

An ideal website should be easy to navigate and the contents in a website with strong navigation helps in search engine rankings too. Website designers should link logo to the home page and the creation of a lovely logo is an essential component of branding or marketing. Anchor menu can be used if the site belongs to long scrolling breed and the important links of a website can be included in the footer. The footer of the website should contain social sharing buttons, Frequently Asked Questions, ‘Contact Us’ and blog.

Visitors should understand what the website is about without scrolling and an ideal website of today should be mobile friendly. Wix creates mobile friendly version of a site automatically and a website should look beautiful, convert visitors and get more value. It is to be pointed out that the typical website layout includes the position, visuals, colour, and whitespace. The headline on the home page should be as descriptive as possible and web visitors prefer clean and modern designs. According to noted web designers, designs with left side navigation and content area are more complex.

A website that follows standards strictly will get loved by search engine giants including Google, Yahoo and Bing. It is recommended to add logo in the top left corner of the website and slideshow can be displayed on the home page. The standard website design includes logo in the top left, horizontal navigation in the type bar, and mobile responsive design. Style guides are helpful for website designers who are working with freelancers and another basic website designing tip is to start the website designing off screen. According to the opinion of assertive website designers, another website designing tip is to use prominent wire framing and prototyping tools in web. Big typography is a new trend in website design and it has the power to grab the attention of web visitor.

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