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The list of amazing website designing tools includes Atomic, Antetype, Avocode, Affinity and Sketch. Atomic is a renowned and most sought after prototyping tool for website designing and it offers 30 day free trial. Creation of elegant transition is one of the major plus points of Atomic website designing tool and Atomic allows designing prototypes on both desktop and Mac. Antetype is known as a top rated user experience design application with glorious track record and stellar reputation. It is equipped with huge collection of widgets and Antetype designs can be exported either as pixel or vector based graphics.

Antetype design is responsive and it generates CSS code for any element designed using the majestic web designing tool. Macaw is a prominent website designing tool used for composing HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). Adaptability makes Macaw one of the most popular website designing applications and the design to code engine of Macaw is named as Alchemy. Websites built with Macaw are optimized for different mobile devices including tablets and Smartphones. Infinite options for styling and interactivity makes Macaw stand out from its high profile competitors. Avocode is the best tool for front end web designers and it enables automatic generation of code.

The Avocode can be used to convert layer, paragraph, and font into CSS, a prominent style sheet language. According to the information available from web design experts, Avocode supports the formats of JPEG, PNG, and SVG. Easy import of files is another colourful attraction of Avocode as a website designing tool and code output customization is another eloquent feature of Avocode. The code output in Avocode can be customized by different variables including gradients, fonts, colours as well as sizes. Avocode supports Photoshop and sketch, the website design tools which hold the crown and scepter of king in web designing.

The fantastic feature of Affinity is customizable non destructive layers and the features of Affinity are at par with features of Photoshop. Affinity has some obvious similarities with Photoshop and Sketch and Sketch is known as a productive website designing application. Sketch is designed for application interface format and CSS export is the illustrious feature of Sketch. The interface of Sketch is really simple and Sketch is the recommended website designing platform for responsive designing. The mobile prototyping application in Sketch is absolutely awesome and it can create assets using one click export to various file formats.

Adobe Photoshop is the industry standard tool for website designing and the powerful Photoshop is equipped with more powerful plug-ins.  Renamy 4.0 is a fantastic Photoshop plug-in used to rename lots of layers and the CSS Hat 2 plug-in generates CSS code for the select layer. It is to be pointed out that CSS Hat 2 automatically measures layer sizes, font weight, as well as font size. GuideGuide enables the creation of Photoshop guides for web in seconds and it is a plug-in which saves lots of time. The ‘Web Zap’ plug-in of Photoshop is mainly used to create website mockups and drag and drop website elements are the peculiar attractions of “Web Zap”. The ‘Web Zap’ plug-in costs $19 and the SpecKing plug-in helps to create design specification very easily.


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